Experts for Permanent Hire or Consultancy

Linux Consultancy
Our experts can guide you through the most difficult decisions, technical configurations and migrations. All of our consultants have years of professional experience in large operational environments.

This is the most known competence of Linux Belgium. In this business unit you can rely on the competency of one of our Linux experts for a certain period. We commit ourselves to find the right candidate within 48 hours of your request. We can to this thanks to our up-to-date database of Linux experts.

Because of our deep knowledge and understanding of Linux environments, we will not flood you with irrelevant CVs but give you very good matches towards your request. And our consultants get active support from the 'home base'.

Send us an email at or call us for more information at: 02 747 47 01

Permanent Hire: our recruiting services - Full PDF
There are currently over 235.000 Open Source programs in active development, not counting the commercial software that becomes increasingly important in the Linux world. We can provide experts with the experience in the field you're looking for.
Selecting an expert to help out on a per-project basis or for full-time employment can be a complicated task, yet it will determine to a large extent the success-rate of what you expect of Linux. Linux Belgium offers you a unique way to assist you.

Competency based recruitment delivers the best results.

Human Resource experts worldwide agree that competency based recruitment is the best approach. We sit together with you to identify your current and future needs to match them optimally with our unique Linux skills database.

No cure, no pay!

Our services are entirely free of charge if we can't help you. Additionally we deliver a guarantee of success for a period of 6 months.

Costs are far less than advertisement!

Advertisement asks an upfront investment without any guarantees of success. For full-time recruitment, we charge a one-time fee, much lower than the costs of advertisement, and for independent consultants our fee is calculated in the hourly rate.

Send us an email at or call us for more information at: 02 747 47 01

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