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Performance Tuning and Advanced Security

This course dives deeply in Linux Performance Tuning, explains how to optimise your systems and build high-performance best practices. It explains which tools and how to best analyse performance related problems and how to build Linux clusters. It continues with an extensive look in the most important security tools and methods to harden your Linux infrastructure.

Classical education with exercises in a workshop atmosphere.
Linux System Administrators with at least one year of operational experience and a good understanding how Linux works.
At least 3 years of working experience as a Linux System Administrator. Having the equivalent knowledge of having followed the following courses: Power User, System Administration, TCP/IP Services, Linux Troubleshooting and Network Administration 2

At the end of the course, the students will understand Linux better, in following domains :

  • Performance Tuning Concepts
  • Performance Tuning Tools
  • Understand important misconceptions related with performance tuning
  • Kernel Tuning
  • Understand best practices
  • Gains working experience with clustering architectures
  • Can apply clustering with LVM and Ultramonkey
  • Virtualisation
  • Understands the different angles involved with hardening of a system
  • Gains working experience with file integrity checkers and different implementations
  • Understands the concept of openssh proxy-ing
  • Becomes experienced with tools such as nmap, iptables and many more...
  • Is able to set up the Snort Intrusion Detection System with it's web interface ACID and mySQL backend


Day 1
  • Performance Tuning Concepts
  • Performance Tuning Tools
  • Kernel Tuning
  • Advanced Software RAID
Day 2
  • Setting up iSCSI initiator and target on software RAID
  • Best Practices (Web, Filesharing, Databases,...)
  • Clustering Architectures
  • Clustering and quorum management
  • Virtualisation

Day 3
  • Using clustered filesystems such as ocfs2 and gfs2
  • Playing with clustering
  • Linux Security Overview
Day 4
  • Security from all angles (Tripwire/AIDE/Osiris/Samhein, iptables, ssh wizardy, PAM)
  • Security from all angles continued (sudo recepies, openssh, gnuPG, nmap,....)
  • Snort Intrusion Detection System
Course Materials
  • Linux Server Performance Tuning, by Sandra K. Johnson, IBM Press
  • Linux Security Cookbook, by Daniel J. Barrett, O'Reilly
  • Intrusion Detection with Snort, Jack Koziol, Paperback

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